A Maryland Licensed Day Care Facility

Bruce Learning Center, a day care ministry with a distinctly Christian perspective, is now OPEN for business!!

Did you know that Maryland residents can receive childcare subsidies that will pay for all or most of you daycare cost? BLC participates in Maryland excels and welcomes families who qualify! In addition to the income guidelines below, parents must be attending college or training (online is included) or working part time/full time. Follow this link to fill out your application today! Maryland State Department of Education/Office of Child Care Child Care Subsidy Program APPLICATION/REDETERMINATION FOR CHILD CARE

Family Size Maximum Annual Income
Family of 2 $48,637
Family of 3 $60,081
Family of 4 $71,525
Family of 5 $82,969
Family of 6 $94,413
Family of 7 $96,558
Family of 8 $98,704
Family of 9 $100,850
Family of 10 $102,996

Three Packages

We are proud to offer you three different packages for your child(ren) to help fit the needs of your busy schedule. We will be offering a 5 day, 3 day, or 2 day package. Please call for more details! 301-359-9690

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