Our BOC Family said “farewell” to a dear friend this past week.  Mike Dawson completed his fifth and final battle with cancer and was richly rewarded with Eternity in Heaven!!  Now, mind you, I am not saying that in a trite way that our culture beats to death – you know the “everybody is going to Heaven” and we will “see everybody again one day” kind of statements.  According to Scripture, not all are going to Heaven, so then not all are going to see each other again.  BUT, in this case, I KNOW I will, because Mike was an unapologetically born-again, blood- bought believer in Jesus Christ!!  So, see you soon, Mike!!!  🙂

But, what I want to encourage everyone to consider is what kind of legacy do you leave behind??  Mike’s legacy is one of love for Christ, passionate worship, and no excuses in daily service to God and commitment to His Church as expressed in the local body.  What’s your legacy??  What will people remember about you??  What influence have you made on those whom you will leave behind one day??  Is it just that you worked hard, earned a living, and was a good person??  Or will it be something that has Eternal value and results.  As an analogy, how will you be introduced to the Father by Jesus one day??  Will it be “Here’s John.  He worked lots of overtime, had a really nice house, and went to all of his kids’ games”??  Or will it be “Here’s John, he helped change lives all around him and his life created a ripple effect that touched lives he never knew and because of Him our place (Heaven) has a lot more in it”??  What’s your legacy, my friend??  I hope it’s of Eternal value and consequence, just like Mike’s!!

BTW – we will be walking in the Relay for Life this Saturday, June 3 down at the Canal Place in Cumberland in honor of Mike Dawson.  We’d love for you to join us.  If you have a Mike Dawson shirt, please wear it.  If not, wear a gray shirt.  The Mike Dawson Team will get a group photo at 8:30PM.  See y’all then!!! 🙂